OSS Integer Basic ; Copyright (C) 1983-1986 by Stephen D. Lawrow & OSS, Inc.#

From Tomasz 'Kr0tki' Krasuski from AtariAge:

I've used MAC/65 1.02 to assemble it to cartridge. It requires changing lines 130 and 150 in D1:MASTER of the source code, to change PROM to 0 and _CART to 1. Then assemble from disk, which results in a binary file that loads to $3000-$6fff, bank order "3M04". Retrieve this data in an appropriate order to create a ROM image.

So, Integer BASIC appears to contain the same features as BASIC XE, but with integer arithmetic. And it's blazing fast.

Integer Basic source code#

Enabling the building of a M091 Integer BASIC is less straightforward, because there is no single value that controls it, unlike in BASIC XE. To build it, one has to change bank addresses in D1:EQUATE.INC. Edit the lines 310 and 320 to make BANK.2 equal to $D509 and BANK.3 = $D501. Then assemble the object file as usual. This gives us an "1M09" object file, as with BASIC XE. Retrieving the bank data in a correct order results in an M091 ROM image.

Thank you so much Tomasz 'Kr0tki' Krasuski for the info in building the runtime, we owe you so much. :-)))




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