Advan Basic#

Advan BASIC is an Atari BASIC-compatible language with several extensions. Unlike most BASICs, Advan is a compiler, not an interpreter. As a result, it runs about 10 to 15 times as fast as Atari BASIC. Unlike most compilers, Advan's editor is interactive, not a simple text editor, so the source code is syntax checked and tokenized as it is entered.

In addition to the standard set of Atari BASIC features, Advan adds new commands for working with Player/Missile graphics, background music and vertical blank interrupts. It also adds the integer data type, which is smaller and faster than the normal floating-point type, and changes the string system to be more like the one in Microsoft BASICs, where strings do not have to be DIMensioned before use and can be used in arrays.

Advan also includes a separate runtime library that allows programs to be compiled into a stand-alone form, which can then be run on any machine without the need for Advan on that system. Utility packages and a new high-speed optimizing compiler (see adjoining review) are also available. Advan BASIC is not compatible with Atari BASIC and uses its own Atari-compatible DOS.




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