Make protected BASIC code visible#

Sometimes Atari BASIC is protected and the user isn't able to see inside the source code. This is a main disadvantage, especially, when the original code is damaged. In order to preserve the software genuine, there is a need to solve this problem.
List-Protected BASIC code from the German BASIC course: 'Noch mehr BASIC TXG 55007'

Luckily, living legend Avery Lee, the creator of the Atari Altirra emulator, has implemented 2 routines, which do the job in a marvelous way. :-)

Given the fact the user has already just loaded in the BASIC code without executing, then just the F8 key has to be pressed to force an interrupt:
Forcing an interrupt in the Atari Altirra emulator

Afterwards, in the Console window, just type in these 2 lines:


and press the F8 key again. That's all. Now back in BASIC, you can list the source code in it's original form or save it to disk. :-)

The 2 lines executed in Altirra, do the following things:

.basic_rebuildvnt ; Rebuild BASIC variable name table
.basic_rebuildvvt ; Rebuild BASIC variable value table

Again, we deeply, deeply have to thank Avery Lee for his gigantic help to the community worldwide. Thank you so much Avery. :-)