|53275|$D01B|PRIOR|Priority Selection Register|[GPRIOR]|all

!!Priority Settings
|0|1|P0-P1-P2-P3 PF0-PF1-PF2-PF3 BAK
|1|2|P0-P1 PF0-PF1-PF2-PF3 P2-P3 BAK
|2|4|PF0-PF1-PF2-PF3 P0-P1-P2-P3 BAK
|3|8|PF0-PF1 P0-P1-P2-P3 PF2-PF3 BAK
|4|16|Four Missiles add up to be 5th player
|5|32|Overlapping Players have 3rd color
|6|64|GTIA Mode see next table
|7|128|GTIA Mode see next table
P0-P3 Players [PCOLR0].../[COLPM0]...\\
PF0-PF3 Playfield colors [COLOR0].../[COLPF0]...\\
BAK background or border color [COLOR4]/[COLBK]

A logical OR is done to the colors of players 0/1 and 2/3 when they overlap. Only the 0/1, 2/3 combinations are allowed; you will not get a third color when players 1 and 3 overlap, the priorities set with bits 0…3 are applied.

If put together into a 5th player (set Bit 4 to '1') the missiles get the color of register 3 [COLOR3]. They still move independently, e.g. set their horizontal positions with [HPOSM0] - [HPOSM3]

!!GTIA Modes
This register can be used to select one of GTIA GRAPHICS modes 9, 10 and 11.
||GTIA Mode*||Bit 6||Bit 7||Description
|9|0|1|16 different luminances of the same hue (color)
|10|1|0|9 different colors
|11|1|1|16 different hues (colors) of the same luminance
 * the same as GRAPHICS x in BASIC

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