!!!ATARI 8-Bit Operating System

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[Atari 800 ROM OS Source Listing|Atari 800 ROM OS Source Listing]

[Atari Personal Computer System-Operating System-User's Manual-January 1982-CO16555|http://data.atariwiki.org/DOC/Atari_Personal_Computer_System-Operating_System-User_s_Manual-January_1982-CO16555.pdf] ; size: 67 MB, 280 pages

[Atari 400-800 Technical Reference Notes-Operating System User's Manual-Operating System Source Listing and Hardware Manual|http://data.atariwiki.org/DOC/Atari_400-800_Technical_Reference_Notes-Operating_System_User_s_Manual-Operating_System_Source_Listing_and_Hardware_Manual_553_pages.pdf] ; size: 21.6 MB, 553 pages

[FAST FLOATING POINT source code for the ATARI|FAST FLOATING POINT source code for the ATARI]

[Atari 800-XL-XE System Label Listing]

[Atari System Labels from OSS|Atari System Labels from OSS]

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