!!!Atari Timewise DX5047 (Basic) (C) 1982 Atari, Inc.

Atari Timewise:  Monthly calendar / diary program.  Timewise is an Atari program that helps active people organize and keep track of a full schedule of appointments by the day, week or monthly simply and automatically.  You can keep appointments such as doctor's, business meetings, sales calls, reorder dates, flight schedules, deadlines, theater events, birthdays, payment dates, anniversaries, lunches, dates, car maintenance for yourself, your entire family or all the people involved in a small business.  Each data disk can hold / print / search out up to 630 different appointments (32K memory), 1024 appointments with 48K of memory.  You can print current month calendar, future calendars and even blank calendar forms. Requires at least 32 KB of memory and the Atari Basic cartridge. Timewise is still affected by Y2K. Maybe someone out there can help us? :-)

* [Timewise Manual.pdf] ; size: 3.2 MB

* [Timewise Master Diskette (Model DX5047)|Timewise.atr] ; Master Diskette, please use with Atari Basic cartridge
* [Timewise Data Diskette|Data_Diskette.atr]

[{Image src='DIR.jpg' width=573 height=312 }]
Timewise Master Diskette (Model DX5047) - Diskette directory under normal DOS II Version 2.0S \\


[{Image src='Loading.jpg' width=442 height=297 }]
Atari Timewise at starting

[{Image src='Insert Data Disk.jpg' width=403 height=261 }]
Atari Timewise - Insert Data Disk call \\

[{Image src='Main Menu.jpg' width=441 height=295 }]
Atari Timewise - Main Menu 

[{Image src='Appointments.jpg' width=440 height=291 }]
Atari Timewise - Appointments

[{Image src='Monthly Calendar.jpg' width=437 height=284 }]
Atari Timewise - Monthly Calendar 

[{Image src='Add New Appointments.jpg' width=432 height=283 }]
Atari Timewise - Add New Appointments

[{Image src='Inquire-Update Appointments.jpg' width=439 height=291 }]
Atari Timewise - Inquire-Update Appointments 

[{Image src='File Maintenance.jpg' width=433 height=279 }]
Atari Timewise - File Maintenance 

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Atari Timewise - advertising 1 

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Atari Timewise - advertising 2